Q: Can I occupy the same space as my Ghost Knights? Do my ghost knights hurt my teammates?
A: Yes the Conjurer can stand on Ghost Knights, and so can her teammates. They do not cause team damage, and do not disappear.

Q: If the Conjurer dies, do the Ghost Knights die too?
A: Yes.



Q: If I am buried by the Grave Keeper and he is standing on top of my grave, where am I pushed?
A: The person digging out of the grave decides where the person on top of them will be pushed.

Q: If I am attacked while buried, do I take damage? What if the attack I am hit with has a knock back?
A: A player can take damage while buried. If they are hit with a knockback, you will knock/move them underground.

Q: If I’m buried, can I attack?
A: No, you must dig yourself out (spend 1 MS) to then be able to attack.

Q: While buried, can players walk over the buried player?
A: Yes. Place a tombstone tile to mark where a player is buried, and then players can walk over the buried Hero.

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Q: If I use a move action, do I have to use all of my movement speed during my turn?
A: No, you can move less than the amount you have, if you’d like.

Q: Can I split my Movement Action with my Attack Action?
A: Yes. You can also split this between your teammate’s actions as well. i.e. Hero 1 moves a space, Hero 2 uses an Attack, Hero 1 uses an Attack, Hero 2 moves a space, etc.

Q: Can I stand on a catapult and NOT launch myself?
A: Yes. If you are knocked into it by an enemy though, they can launch you where they want.

Q: If a Hero takes up 2 spaces, and they are in Fire, do both spaces take damage?
A: Yes, and every NEW flame space they touch will inflict damage as they are knocked/walk through it.



Q: Can I stack multiple Corpse Pox Tiles on 1 space?
A: No. Only 1 Corpse Pox tile can be on 1 space. A Ghost Knight and/or Flames can also occupy the space, however. Don’t get knocked onto that space, yeesh.



Q: What happens when I bury someone that is hanged by the Executioner?
A: They are broken from the noose and are now buried.



Q: When can I play Artifacts and Relics? What’s the order of operations when playing against another card?
A: Cards will say when they are able to be played (Opponent’s Turn, Any Turn, etc.) and can be used at any point during the turn in which they can be used, but some cards are used in response to other cards being played. When an opponent plays their card against the player, the player can play another card as a response. i.e. An opponent plays a card that removes 1 health, but the player has a card that instantly heals for 1 health that they play immediately after that card. This would stop the application of that damage onto the player.